The Consent Primer

The first book of its kind.

Consent. It’s been talked about in the news, on the internet, and around the dinner table. We’ve seen it impact lives from Hollywood to the Supreme Court. But what is it really? How do we, as a society and a nation, define this complex and topical subject?

The Consent Academy, an educational non-profit based out of Seattle, WA has the answer. Announcing their first book, The Consent Primer: Foundations for Everyday Life. This groundbreaking work goes beyond the simplicity of “no means no” and “yes means yes.” It tackles the nuances of consent and lays out ways to understand it.

“The Consent Primer is a way to make consent accessible. We knew it was a big task, and there’s a lot more to do, but we wanted to help people understand the foundations of what consent is. While our classes and workshops do a lot, we can only reach so many people. We wanted to publish a book people could delve into and explore consent as part of their everyday life. Consent is for everyone, and this is a way to bring it to everyone.” – Sar Surmick, Director of the Consent Academy.

Authored by a team of educators, therapists, and consent experts from the Academy, this book starts out by looking at a four-part model of consent before going on to talk about consent in terms of relationships and sexual interactions. Both insightful and detailed, the book concludes by looking at the difficult topic of consent violations and what to do about them.

In this time of change and uncertainty it’s imperative to understand what consent is, what it isn’t, and how to manage it. This is true for everyone, but doubly so for people in positions of power, authority, and influence. If you want to understand, and avoid the pitfalls surrounding consent, read this book.

For more information on the book, upcoming workshops, events, and our Short Film Festival, “Show Me Consent!” visit the Consent Academy website: