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Upcoming Events

This page is a collection of all the upcoming events for the Pan Eros Foundation’s programs. Each event includes a brief description of the event, logistics, and a ticket link. A complete calendar of events can be viewed here.

Upcoming Events and Workshops


Wednesday, February 20 — 12:00pm
Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga Facilitator: Isis Phoenix
Gallery Erato: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) Scholarships available.

Naked Yoga is a deeply intimate and liberating practice that nourishes body, mind and spirit. This au natural form of yoga begins with a group disrobing ritual and includes a gentle yoga flow practice and meditation to welcome a state of embodied inner peace.

Naked yoga is a body-positive and celebratory practice geared towards loving the skin that you’re in and fostering a feeling of naturalness through self-acceptance and inclusivity.

The absence of clothes in this yoga practice weaves together naturist and yogic philosophy that aims to bring about increased freedom, embodiment and relaxation in the yoga practice.


Wednesday, February 20 — 6:00pm
Men Tying Men – A Bondage Enthusiast Group
Gallery Erato: $10 suggested donation

Men Tying Men is a rope bondage enthusiast group for men and for people with lived experience as men. Its aim is to be an excellent place for us to share bondage techniques and resources and to bring our latest projects for feedback and troubleshooting. Not a play party (clothes are required) but a chance to talk bondage, to practice bondage, to learn and teach bondage and to network with other bondage obsessives.


Thursday, February 21 — 6:30pm
Consent Basics ~ Educators: The Consent Academy
Ballard Library Branch: Free

Whether you’re brand new to Sex Positive Culture or an old hand, we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way. Most of us have learned the idea that No means No, but consent in a Sex Positive World goes way beyond that. Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a No. Learn how to move towards an informed Yes and even an Enthusiastic Yes.

Come and get some tips, tricks, and tools for requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug. Then take what you learn out into the larger world to help us create a more Sex Positive World one interaction at a time.

No reservation or RSVP required.


Saturday, February 23 — 1:00pm
The Practical Application of Floggers ~ Educator: Russell Harmon
Gallery Erato: At the door: $45 (Solo), $80 (Duo). Advance: $38 (Solo), $65 (Duo)

Want to create a really good flogging scene? Not sure about the basics? Know the basics inside-and-out but think there might be something more?

This experiential flogging workshop is intended for both beginning and intermediate skill levels– anybody that thinks they’ve got something to learn. We’ll cover safety, learn and practice basic and non-basic strokes, and discuss scene building and rhythm techniques in depth. You should come away from this class with new skills and ideas, and all the building blocks you need for some great scenes!

Flogging is type of impact or sensation play within BDSM activities. Consent will be emphasized.


Saturday, February 23 – 2:00pm
Hypnokink Enthusiast Group
Gallery Erato: $10 suggested donation

Have you thought about including hypnosis in your kink or sex life? Infinitely adaptable, you can use hypnosis to enhance arousal, do bondage without restraints, build fear play and mindf*ck scenes, strengthen D/s training, increase relaxation for sensual scenes, and much more!


Saturday, February 23 — 7:00pm
A Black Tie Affair – Celebrate the Erotic
Gallery Erato: $100

You are cordially invited to an exclusive soirée benefiting the Seattle Erotic Art Festival where we celebrate the Festival’s prestigious membership program, the Art Activist Society. We are pleased to host you at Gallery Erato, Seattle’s new year-round home of erotic art. Join us for an evening of performances, live music, exquisite food, a unique way to participate in the art and support the festival, and a sneak peek at the 2019 selected art.


Sunday, February 24 — 1:00pm
Bondage for Beauty ~ Educators: Full Circle Kink
Gallery Erato: At the door: $45 (solo). Advance: $35 (Solo), $60 (Duo)

This class is dedicated to beautiful, wearable bondage. We’ll teach you fundamental techniques for creating decorative bondage as well as numerous specific patterns that you can use as is or adapt to your taste. Along the way we’ll talk about what makes rope beautiful, how to use different colors and materials, and sneaky things to do with leftover rope. By the time you’re done with this class, you’ll know how to tie a wide range of decorative pieces and have the skills to create your own wearable bondage art.


Saturday, March 2 — 1:00pm
Bedroom Bondage For Beginners ~Educator: Sophia Sky
Gallery Erato: $40 (solo) Advance: $30 (Solo) $55 (Duo) and $75 (Trio)

Restraining your partner or being restrained can be a very erotic, sexy and sensual experience. Getting them tied up in a safe and still sexy manner can be a challenge. In this class we will explore a myriad of ways to restrain your partner safely and explain why some of the common methods are not. There will be sexy demos, explanations of common and not so common ways to tie someone down. And ideas on what to do with them once they are tied. For the recipients of bondage there will be explanations of how to turn your fantasy into an effective reality. Please bring an open mind and be ready to explore and have fun.



Thursday, March 7 — 6:00pm
First Thursday Art Walk
Gallery Erato: Free

Gallery Erato is the new home of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and the Pan Eros Foundation. Peruse a selection of the visual art of all types.

Drop into Gallery Erato at 309 1st Ave S for our contribution to the Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. This month’s featured artist is Hiba Jameel.

For more information about First Thursday Artwalk here, including free parking options: https://www.pioneersquare.org/experiences/first-thursday-art-walk


Saturday, March 9 — 12:00pm
Consent Fest 2019
Gallery Erato: Donations Appreciated

An All Day Celebration of Consent through education and entertainment, with a very special announcement. More details soon.



Sunday, March 10 — 5:00pm
Small but Fierce: Acupuncture Needles & Other Innocuous Sharps ~Educator: Najalaise
Gallery Erato: $35. Advance: $25 (Solo) $35 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) $45 (Duo) $60 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Acupuncture needles, lancets, staples, and other tiny jabby things can be mild to the point of imperceptible, or they can be terrifying. Attendees will gain the skills and knowledge to explore both extremes of this continuum. No experience is required, but come prepared to see intense and/or squicky things. Demos and the opportunity to practice on the presenter will be included.



Saturday, March 16 — 12:00pm
Tango with the Tengu – Suspension Transition ~Educators: Panda & Paisley
Gallery Erato: $75 (duo) Advance: $60 (duo), $75 (duo and PIF donor)

The tengu is a fun and funky chest harness that provides a lot of versatility in flight and in creating shapes. We will explore unique ways to suspend the tengu and create different shapes with this dynamic tie. The tengu provides a structure of a basic chest harness coupled with bent elbows that make this a great option for those being tied who enjoy different arm positions. This sequence will take us from a partial on the ground to a full suspension (those wanting to stay in partials will be able to do so). Students tying will learn fun new transitions and how to navigate this fun functioning tie. Those being tied will explore new arm placements and gain understanding in how to be tied in this unique harness.