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The Pan Eros Foundation:

Celebrating and Cultivating Sexuality

Explore your sexuality and connect with the community

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The Foundation has lots of fun volunteer opportunities, from helping with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival to assisting with workshops and other sexy, special events. Meet new people and participate in the community.

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News & Updates

Seduction 2019 is coming!

Seattle’s Sexiest Halloween Party Seduction has a new look – we’ve trimmed the excess, kept what sparked joy, and cannot wait to kick this off.  Music, dancing, aerials, bondage performances, and the hottest costumes to make it out of the bedroom await you at this year’s Seduction! Seduction this year is offering three nights...

Living Art

The body is the most sublime canvas. Adorning with paint and make-up celebrate the inherent beauty of each body. Join us for a delightful evening of creativity, beauty, and exhibitionism. On Saturday, September 21st, be an appreciator or become living art! The fun starts as soon as doors open at 9pm and and don’t...

The Consent Primer

The first book of its kind. Consent. It’s been talked about in the news, on the internet, and around the dinner table. We’ve seen it impact lives from Hollywood to the Supreme Court. But what is it really? How do we, as a society and a nation, define this complex and topical subject? The...

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