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The Foundation has a ton of fun volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, from helping with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and related events to assisting with workshops and working on sexy, special events.

Join the Community

Our events aren’t only fun to attend but they are fun to support. Our volunteers are passionate about the arts and education and are eager to connect with the community. Sometimes, they even find lasting friendships. Whether you’re interested in volunteering for one night or long term, you are welcome here!

Volunteer with Us

Volunteering Opportunities

We find that we typically have two different type of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.

  1. Event Volunteers – You sign up for a shift of time for a specific event. Your volunteer hours can add up to help you earn a ticket to the event or a future one!
  2. Steering Committee Volunteers – These are volunteers who donate time throughout the year to plan, organize, market, and facilitate some of the major programs Pan Eros hosts for the community at large. These positions are available less frequently but do become available throughout the year.

Producing our events is a group effort—and a great time. Join the fun while supporting something you believe in! Please contact us and tell us your interests and availability, and we’ll find something great to do together.

Matching Donations for Volunteer Hours
Ask Your Employer!

Many companies donate money for each hour one of their employee’s volunteer hours, and your employer might be one of them. Your volunteer hours with the Foundation could bring in a sizable donation from your workplace.

Simply check in with your human resources department to learn how — it’s usually quick and easy!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; donations make a meaningful impact.

A Few Notes About Volunteering

Some of our volunteer jobs are very demanding. Please let us know if you have any boundaries or conditions on how you can volunteer with us so we can set you up for success. We will do our best to accommodate you.
Pan Eros Foundation is not responsible for any parking fees or parking tickets that volunteers may incur while attending or volunteering at Pan Eros events.
If there is something that is preventing you from volunteering your time, please let us know so that we can work with you to find a solution.