SEAF Installations are getting a glow up

Hello all you delightful and creative darlings! We are here today to talk about Installations. Installations are one of the parts of SEAF that make it, well, SEAF. They are a vital part of the festival. However, well, there have been some problems. The people in charge have put their heads together, and have decided that it’s time for an overhaul. We’re changing everything from the submission and acceptance process to what all falls under this new umbrella. And, of course, this big of an adjustment includes a name change. Installations shall from this point on be Interactive.

So what is Interactive?

Interactive elements are art projects or performances that are meant to be interacted with. I know, it seems simplistic, but that’s the core. If the audience is allowed to touch it, talk to it, move it, sit on it, have it sit on them, so on and so forth, it is an interactive element. Interactive will have three categories.

Interactive – Unattended: Art projects that engage participants via more than one sense and interaction does not require supervision.

Interactive – Attended: Art projects and activities that engage participants via more than one sense and interaction often requires or is enhanced by the artist/attendant’s engagement with the participants. This engagement can include, but is not limited to, instruction, demonstration, assistance, and/or collaboration.

Interactive – Performance: An interactive experience that engages participants via more than one sense and is dependent on a performer to create and cultivate the experience.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

If Interactive is the art you are burning to create, the first big change you will notice from previous years is when to sign up. Submissions for Interactive open on October 15. Yes, next month. Don’t panic yet, hear me out.

The thing about Interactive is that it is a collaborative process. Interactive elements are assembled on site, they affect the layout of the space, there is a lot to consider. In past years, we would have artists pitch amazing ideas, but since the Call for Art begins in December, the floorplan would have already been laid out and we’d have to postpone some of the interactive elements we wanted to include. By having a separate call for Interactive, we can begin the conversations and planning with artists earlier and increase the number of interactive elements we hope to include.

In early October we will put out another newsletter prompting interested artists to sign up and telling you where and how to do that. We will be using an application rather than the submission portal. The FAQ is also going to be updated over the next 10 days to include the new guidelines. The information is coming! We will not keep it from you!

In the meantime, here are some things to keep in mind. First and foremost, as you plot out your fantastic interactive masterpieces, know that we do not allow any of the following:

  • Harassment or discrimination of any person or group.
  • Hate speech or messages intended to incite violence, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Groping, simulated or actual sex, masturbation, hitting, or flagellation.
  • Firearms of any kind.
  • Pyrotechnics or open flame.
  • The consumption of alcohol on stage or part of an interactive element.
  • The use of live animals or glitter.

Call for Interactive Elements Manager

So the other big decision that was made when reorganizing Installations into Interactive is that we need someone new to run it! Could that be you? Do you have a burning desire to see an increase in interactive elements at SEAF? Have you been dying to get more involved, but just didn’t know where to start? Well, babies, we need you!


  • Volunteer position
  • Time commitment: variable – pre-event: 2-5 hours a week; event week: 20+ hours
  • Asking for a minimum commitment for the 2023 SEAF season (mid-October 2022 through mid-May 2023)
  • Attendance at SEAF planning meetings (monthly and virtual)
  • No experience necessary.
  • SEAF specific training provided.

Helpful Skills

  • Excitement about fostering interactive and artistic experiences at SEAF
  • Clear communication, both written and verbal
  • Time management – for self and others
  • Adaptable and creative in time- and resource-restricted situations
  • Enjoys collaborating with others

Job Duties

  • Assisting in selection of projects as a member of the Curation Committee for attended and unattended Interactive Elements
  • Communicate with Artists regarding acceptance, logistics, deadlines, budgets, delivery, install/uninstall, etc. … Most communication is via email, some phone, zoom, and/or in-person meetings may be necessary
  • Determine what support SEAF can provide each project
  • Collaborate with Production Manager and Exhibition Curator on placement, support available, and delivery/pick-up schedules
  • Coordinate the delivery, set up, care/maintenance of art project or activity at Festival
  • Be available to coordinate and collaborate with Performance leads on any performances that include interactive elements (example: if a performance needs a pop-up space set up on the gallery floor)
  • Coordinate with other SEAF leads as necessary in the course of supporting art projects and artists
  • Be available on-site at Seattle Center Wednesday and/or Thursday for load-in (hours are flexible) and Sunday for load-out 4pm-10pm. (Specific dates for 2023 are April 19/20 and April 24)

If this sounds that something that excites you, and you would love to join our plucky team of intrepid volunteers, please fill out the Interactive Elements Manager application form here through November 15th. You can also email us or contact us at (206) 229 – 2185 if you have any questions.