Visiting Gallery Erato

Hello all you health-conscious art lovers!  Remember when health-conscious meant you were watching your sugars and maybe your carb intake?  And now it means you’re listening to epidemiologists and practicing social distancing and wearing a mask?  My, how times have changed.

Gallery Erato is preparing for Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s SEAF-some #3, getting the art up on the walls, making our seating inaccessible, and doing everything we can to comply with the new standards that Governor Inslee has put forth regarding safety and health.  So let’s take a look at the significant changes.

Even Smaller Numbers

To protect not only our visitors but also our staff, we will be operating at 10% capacity.  That means about a 12 person maximum in the space at any given time (including staff).  We will still be using the timed entry model, with a very limited number of entries to be purchased in-person.  We highly recommend reserving entry online if you intend to come down.

Stay Masked, Stay Apart

We all know the steps to this dance by now, but keep your masks on and keep 6 feet away from anyone who is not in your immediate party.  Hand sanitizer will be readily available, and we will be wiping down everything between customers.

Retail, Not Museum

To make sure we comply with the governor’s instructions, we shall be operating strictly in a retail capacity.  This means no more lounging and chatting as you look at the art.  Your ticket reserves your shopping time, and you will receive a voucher equal to the price of your ticket to be applied to the purchase of art, either in the store or the exhibition.

Online Art Tours

Were you really just hoping to see the art?  Fear not!  We have a number of options for online art tours so that you can still get your sexy art fix, but safely while at home.  Your first online opportunity to see the art is this Saturday, November 21st at noon PST. Go here to register for this free virtual tour. And if you just so happen to see something during that tour that excites you enough to make a purchase, we can set that up for you online and arrange a no-contact pick up of the art!

New Store Items

Just like last time, a whole new exhibit of artists means a whole new pile of goodies for the store! While we will have some items from the previous SEAFsome, primarily books and small sculptures, we have all new prints and other treasures for you to sort through and take home with you. Keep an eye on our Instagram account so you can see videos of store art. The staff are already putting together their shopping lists, so you might want to get in there quick. No, really.

We look forward to presenting this final installment of our festival for 2020. It has been a wild year, and our deepest thanks to everyone, artist and patron alike, who have ridden it out with us. We truly mean it when we say there is no SEAF without all of you. So come reserve your times right over here, and let’s indulge (safely) in some juicy art!