Pan Eros Foundation Stands with Black Lives Matter

The Pan Eros Foundation recognizes that institutional racism is a deeply rooted problem in our country negatively impacting people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous people, on every level of life. We recognize and condemn the unjust, disproportionate use of police brutality against people of color.

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and its affiliates in their efforts to demonstrate and enact change. We have committed to making monthly contributions to Black Lives Matter’s Seattle/King County Chapter. We believe that there is no correct way to demonstrate and support the creation of change in all its forms. We invite our supporters to join us in these efforts and to seek their own paths toward the work of anti-racism in hopes of bringing about the transformation and healing so greatly needed in our world.

With compassion for all who are mourning and in solidarity seeking justice,
Pan Eros foundation Board and Staff