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Pan Eros Events

Here is where you will find event listings for all the programs of the Pan Eros Foundation such as the Consent Academy and Seattle Erotic Art Festival. You may also find events put on by organizations with similar missions to ours. Those events will be notated with [Associated Event] before the event name. Please consider subscribing to our calendar by clicking on the “subscribe” button in the bottom right corner. Please choose settings that allow for frequent updates, as our calendar is a living document.

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Seduction: Monstrous 8:00 pm
Seduction: Monstrous @ Gallery Erato
Oct 21 @ 8:00 pm – Oct 22 @ 2:00 am
Seduction: Monstrous @ Gallery Erato
Ready your sexiest monster-themed costumes and join us for an evening of revelry at Gallery Erato. More information is being added to the Seduction page as details are confirmed. The Pan Eros Foundation and the Festival invite you to see and be seen at one of hte most alluring and tempting nights of music and dancing, performances, a lavish erotic art showcase, experiences, and of course, lots of delicious eye-candy. You must be 21+ to attend Seduction: Monstrous. According to Washington State law, only patrons with a physical copy of their valid, unexpired ID may enter. Seduction is a fundraiser for the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Art by Nero Villagallos O’Reilly
Seattle Nude, Erotic + Boudoir Photography Group 5:00 pm
Seattle Nude, Erotic + Boudoir Photography Group @ Gallery Erato
Oct 22 @ 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Monthly Open-Shoot Meetup 4th Sunday of every month Overview Seattle Nude, Erotic + Boudoir Photography Group exists to facilitate networking and the creation of art in the PNW photography and modeling communities while providing a safer, semi-public space to have first or repeated interactions with co-creators. Beginning January 23rd, 2022 the group organizer, Thrice, will be running a monthly meetup where we discuss and shoot nude, erotic, and boudoir photos, share knowledge and inspiration, and network with others in our creative communities. What to Expect After an initial hour of mingling and conspiring, all the fun and excitement of creation starts when we close the doors at 6pm. Come introduce yourself, mingle and meet, then we will collect the event fee and shooting can begin. At this point, no more attendees will be admitted so no new faces surprise you while you’re shooting. Some gear will be available to rent or borrow, we will go through the available supplies at the start of the event. Open Shoot Format Throughout the event, photographers, assistants, and models will use the large, versatile shooting space to collaborate, have fun, and make art. Come with an idea in mind and a photographer in tow or meet someone here and come up with a spontaneous shoot inspired by the surroundings and your model’s style. Bring all your own gear, ready to shoot, and explore the space to find the perfect spot. Take advantage of any down time to connect with your fellow creatives, find inspiration, share your knowledge and experience. Consent + Consideration Make sure that you have the consent of all bodies in your frame before you shoot. Watch your backgrounds and try not to walk through active shooting space you’re not participating in as a courtesy to all. Lingerie, suggested nudity, and nonsexual nudity are welcome throughout the space. We ask that explicit or overtly sexual acts (use your judgement, ask if you’re not sure) be shot downstairs. We will continually evaluate the ways we use the space and adjust for the comfort and needs of our community to best facilitate free creation. No one is required to shoot with anyone else or to shoot any content they do not wish to participate in. Pressure is unacceptable, both photographers and models are expected to take “No” as a complete sentence any time it is given. Our Hosts + Facility Gallery Erato and the Pan Eros Foundation are pleased to offer those who create art that explores themes of sexuality, gender, relationships, identity, orientation, and love a place to showcase and create their work. This 6000+ square foot space in Pioneer Square spans 2 floors. The ground floor Gallery is fully accessible. There is a 3″ lip at the front entry and a ramp is available upon request. The lower level Studio is currently only accessible by stairs. We encourage the use of public transit or rideshare. Forr more information about the space, go to: https://www.pan-eros.org/galleryerato/ COVID Precautions As per King County guidelines, all attendees must present a valid vaccination record or negative test results within 72 hours of the event start time. Wash your hands frequently, keep your distance whenever possible, wear masks if you’re not modeling, and consider your COVID precautions when sharing gear. Sanitizer will be available throughout the event for hands and equipment.