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Pan Eros Events

Here is where you will find event listings for all the programs of the Pan Eros Foundation such as the Consent Academy and Seattle Erotic Art Festival. You may also find events put on by organizations with similar missions to ours. Those events will be notated with [Associated Event] before the event name. Please consider subscribing to our calendar by clicking on the “subscribe” button in the bottom right corner. Please choose settings that allow for frequent updates, as our calendar is a living document.

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First Thursday Discussions 7:00 pm
First Thursday Discussions @ Gallery Erato
Feb 6 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Pan Eros Foundation is pleased to create space for people to meet, talk, and share conversation and ideas. Each month, Pan Eros will host a discussion at Gallery Erato with a different topic to encourage the sharing of ideas and to create and expand communities. Pan Eros means “all love” and we support participants in cultivating and celebrating their sexuality. To support this mission, our monthly discussion topics will range among the educational and artistic realms. February’s topic: Freedom and Restraint – How do externally or internally generated boundaries affect our sense of freedom? Join us for a discussion that explores the concept of boundaries as enriching tools. We will be using depictions of sexuality and gender in the current Gallery Erato art show to fuel our discussion. Facilitated by Sophia Sky. Our goal in hosting these meetings is to grow a community that has rich conversations about sexuality. By fostering open discussions, we hope to end the stigma around sex and sexuality so that people may live more authentically and happily. Each month’s topic and host will be announced as they are confirmed. All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, and religions are welcome and celebrated. Kindness and a willingness to respect another point of view are expected.    
Women’s Rope Enthusiast Group 6:00 pm
Women’s Rope Enthusiast Group @ Gallery Erato
Feb 13 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Rope Group for Women Tops and the bottoms who like them. A women-centered rope enthusiast group that meets every 2nd Thursday from 6-9pm. A 10 donation is requested to offset the cost of using the space. Come to a women-centered Rope Enthusiast Group. Practice ties, show off new ties, ask questions about rope practices and issues in a warm and fun environment focused on women tops, bottoms and switches. Or just hang out and socialize! There is a lot of experience here and all the support and encouragement you could ask for! If you knit and want to bring your knitting, go right ahead! It is, after all just really small rope, right? About us: Similar to other rope enthusiast groups, WREG is a place for the ladies to work on their rope bondage skills and techniques. It is a place for our community to practice, learn and share. We encourage you to bring books, questions, friends – anything that will help facilitate your learning. WREG is open to everyone but with a primary focus on women and female-identified folks. Men and male-identified folks are welcome to act as practice bottoms for rope work. Also, chocolate. If you want to bring something to share, bring chocolate. It is always appreciated.
Men Tying Men 6:00 pm
Men Tying Men @ Gallery Erato
Feb 19 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Men Tying Men @ Gallery Erato
Men Tying Men is a rope bondage enthusiast group for men and for people with lived experience as men. Its aim is to be an excellent place for us to share bondage techniques and resources and to bring our latest projects for feedback and troubleshooting. Not a play party (clothes are required) but a chance to talk bondage, to practice bondage, to learn and teach bondage and to network with other bondage obsessives. Men of all experience levels are welcome – including those with zero practical experience. The facilitators will always be available to answer questions and to gently guide the conversation. Single men, couples and groups are welcome. We will always try to make sure that everyone who wants to join in at practice times will have that opportunity. Our venue is Gallery Erato. It has great wrestling mats for our floor work, places to sit during our discussions and hard points for suspension practice. It’s perfect for what we need. Men Tying Men meets from 6 PM to 9 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of the 2nd month of each quarter. In 2019, that means we will meet on February 20th, May 15th, August 21st and November 20th. We request a $5 to $10 donation.
[Consent Academy] Consent Basics 6:30 pm
[Consent Academy] Consent Basics @ Columbia City Library Meeting Room
Feb 20 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
[Consent Academy] Consent Basics @ Columbia City Library Meeting Room
We all need to be able to talk about Consent. Most of us have learned the idea that No means No, but Consent goes way beyond that. It is present in our lives every single day.  Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a No. Get some tips, tricks, and tools for talking about Consent, whether it’s about a new relationship, sex, or a first hug. Learn how to move towards an informed Yes and a better understanding of what it means to live in a Consent Culture. No reservation or RSVP required. All sexes, genders, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, and communication styles welcome and celebrated. Hosted by the Consent Academy: www.consent.academy For questions, email [email protected] About the Educators: The Consent Academy is a group of dedicated educators and activists who provide quality consent training and consultations. We have come together to promote Consent Culture through education, speaking out, and supporting organizations that want to do better. We talk a lot about consent and consensual activity. It’s the cornerstone of what we teach and who we are. And while that is easy to say, we know that living a dedication to consent takes work, awareness, and a willingness to engage. This workshop is presented by the Consent Academy. Please go to www.consent.academy for more information.
Intimate Dinners – February 5:00 pm
Intimate Dinners – February @ Gallery Erato
Feb 22 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Intimate Dinners - February @ Gallery Erato
Pan Eros is happy to announce a partnership with Sharma’s Legacy and the reopening of Intimate Dinners. Please join us for an evening of exploring intimacy, connection and sensuality. Every aspect of this event is designed to foster inclusion and getting to know each other. Tickets for this delightful event are only available in advance, and are very limited. The evening begins with a social hour. Enjoy the beautiful space and appetizers served in a seductive manner. Be sure to arrive before 6pm, because doors will be closed at that time. No late entry will be allowed to support the intimacy created in this event. Once the doors have closed, attendees are encouraged to change clothing. Dinner is made by the guests that attend, but this is unlike any potluck you have ever been to. Bring a dish that you are truly proud of because you will be serving it to the group, and sharing what makes it so special to you. Please bring a list of ingredient to share with others. After dinner we will be joined by local dance instructors for a lesson in Blues Dancing to get us moving after dinner. No experience needed; our instructors will be starting with the basics. If we are lucky we will coax the instructors to give us a Tango demonstration, as well. Presented by the Sharma’s Legacy, a group of former members of the historic Sharma Center who are excited to resurrect their favorite events that aim to create a community that explores all aspects of intimacy and the power of connection. Pan Eros is proud to partner with Sharma’s Legacy and creating space for the reopening of Intimate Dinners. Purchase tickets here. Doors open: 5:00pm Doors closed: 6:00pm What to bring: A dish to share (serves 15-20) A beverage of your choice Loungewear Personal toys and play items (optional)
Sensual Ecstasy 11:00 am
Sensual Ecstasy @ Gallery Erato
Feb 23 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sensual Ecstasy @ Gallery Erato
You are invited to embark on a journey with your partner to increase the pleasure you can give and receive. Sensual Ecstasy is an exploration of intentional physical and emotional connection. LaLa will share a variety of tools over the course of the day, each exercise building on the last one, to embolden your passions. Whether you are in a newer or more established relationship, Sensual Ecstasy can deepen your connection and bring you and your partner closer together. Exercises will range from guided imagery and breathing in a group to sensual massage with your partner. The exercises in this workshop are fully accessible, designed for pairs, and can be adapted for trios. There will be semi-private areas to practice. Please bring a water bottle, a towel, a sheet, a yoga mat, your preferred oils, lotions, and/or lubes, and a willingness to explore connection with your partner. Purchase Advance Tickets Here! Admission includes snacks and light refreshments. All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, religions are welcome and celebrated. No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this workshop. Doors will be locked at 20 minutes after the start time. Open to all 18+ Admission includes light refreshments. Attendance is limited to 20 people. Questions may be directed to: [email protected] About the Educator: La La Lipsy is a professional Lifestyle Consultant who has been a Sensualist for over 20 years. She has traveled the globe living and learning the art of touch from the perspective of other cultures and her own. She works with couples and single people who want to re-connect through sensual ambience, touch and sexuality. She is an educator who loves sharing information and helping people experience pleasure in new ways.
Hypnokink Enthusiast Group 12:00 pm
Hypnokink Enthusiast Group @ Gallery Erato
Feb 29 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Hypnokink Enthusiast Group @ Gallery Erato
Have you thought about including hypnosis in your kink or sex life? Infinitely adaptable, you can use hypnosis to enhance arousal, do bondage without restraints, build fear play and mindf*ck scenes, strengthen D/s training, increase relaxation for sensual scenes, and much more! Doors open for the Hypnokink Enthusiasts’ Group at noon, and we start our programming at 12:15pm with introductions, icebreaker activities, and demos. For details on the theme of one of our meetings, you can visit the Seattle Hypnokink Enthusiasts FetLife group at https://fetlife.com/groups/53446 or email [email protected]